Download Genie Timeline for Windows

An easy-to-use backup program called Genie Timeline automatically maintains a history of all of your information. It has a number of strong features that may help you save, preserve, and restore any form of data. It is made to help you keep track of your documents, images, music, and movies. Download Genie Timeline from the button given below.

What Makes Genie Timeline Stand Out?

The “set and forget” nature of the Genie Timeline is one of its distinguishing qualities. The option to pick particular file types, create backup schedules, and even back up your data to an online storage service are just a few of the advanced features that make it simple to tailor your backups.

The “improved recovery” capabilities of the Genie Timeline are another distinctive quality. With only a few clicks, you may use this ability to recover any file, regardless of how old it is. Even files that were unintentionally deleted or damaged can be restored.

How to Download Genie Timeline

Genie Timeline can be downloaded quickly and easily. Just go to the Genie Timeline website and select “Download.” Following the straightforward on-screen steps, choose between the free or premium edition when offered, and the download will be finished.

Pros and Cons of Genie Timeline

  • Genie Timeline’s simplicity of use is one of its main advantages. It’s easy to use and intuitively built, making it ideal for new users who don’t have any prior backup software expertise. Also, it contains a number of sophisticated features that make it ideal for those with experience.
  • One drawback of Genie Timeline is that it doesn’t provide any form of cloud storage, so if you want to back up your data to the cloud, you’ll need to utilize an outside service.

System Requirements

  • Genie Timeline requires Windows 7, 8, or 10, as well as at least 1 GB of free disk space.
  • It also requires an internet connection for online backup services.


Both inexperienced and seasoned users will find Genie Timeline to be an excellent backup tool. Its “set and forget” approach and an array of advanced capabilities make it simple to use and an excellent option for anyone who needs to back up their data. It is simple to download and install, and it only uses a small amount of system resources. Genie Timeline is a fantastic option if you’re looking for an intuitive backup tool.