Download Opera 64-bit For Windows

For Windows systems, there is a free web browser called Opera 64-bit. It is the first major browser to provide a 64-bit version, which should give consumers a significantly safer and more stable browsing experience. Both the Windows and Mac operating systems support the 64-bit version of Opera. We’ll go through the main attributes, benefits, drawbacks, and instructions for downloading and installing Opera 64-bit in this article. Download Opera 64-bit For windows from the button given below.

Key Features

  • Based on Chromium, Opera 64-bit has some of the same functionality as the normal version of Opera but with some upgrades. The browser has a lot of functions, including:
  • Speed Dial – With the help of this function, users may easily navigate to their preferred websites in a flash.
  • With the help of a straightforward visual summary, users are able to keep track of all open tabs with the visual tabs function.
  • Ad Blocker – This integrated ad blocker aids users in preventing pop-ups and annoying advertisements.
  • Battery Saver: This function aids in lowering power usage and extending battery life.
  • Themes that can be customized – Users can use multiple themes and backgrounds to change the way their browsers look and feel.


  • Users can benefit from a variety of things about Opera 64-bit. 
  • The enhanced security offered by the 64-bit architecture is the most noticeable. 
  • This shields users from harmful software and other internet dangers.
  • Furthermore, the 64-bit version of Opera performs better than the 32-bit version in terms of efficiency and speed. 
  • It is therefore perfect for individuals who want to maximize their web browsing experience.


  • Using Opera 64-bit has certain disadvantages despite its benefits.
  • The most noteworthy is the possibility that some websites and web applications won’t work with the 64-bit version.
  • In addition, some users could find it challenging to navigate and a little perplexing.

How to Download and Install Opera 64-bit

  • Users must first go to the official Opera website in order to download and install Opera 64-bit. 
  • When users arrive at the page, they should click the “Download” button and pick the 64-bit browser option. 
  • Users should run the installation file after the download is finished and adhere to the directions displayed on the screen to finish the procedure.


Those who seek a more stable and secure online browsing experience should consider Opera 64-bit. Together with a variety of features, the 64-bit edition of Opera provides a number of performance and security advantages. The browser is very simple to download and set up, making it a perfect option for both inexperienced and seasoned users.