PUBG January 2023 New State Update: Introduces a new season and changes the gameplay’s dynamics.

PUBG January 2023 New State Update has recently been made available by Krafton. The battle royale’s version 0.9.44 is expected to introduce a new season and other balance adjustments. In order to make the gameplay experience equitable for everyone, Survivor Pass Vol. 15 will launch with a number of weaponry, vehicles, and other equipment that have been updated.

What’s new in PUBG 2023 New State Update?

The January 2023 update for PUBG New State begins with the balance for weapons. It was intended to increase the dynamic nature of gunplay so that each weapon felt unique from the others. Most types’ long-range damage has been cut back, and firing actions have been improved. Each gun will now have a specific location so that it may be used when necessary.

While other vehicles’ speeds have slightly decreased, the Vcab is now faster, and to make up for it, their health has been increased. Boats will now have higher durability, and motorcycles will be more stable. On the drone front, things will also change. They now cost less and take less time to cool down.

The seventh season of Battle Royale will launch with tiers based on the last tier from the previous season. Kill points have been raised, the early death penalty has been decreased, and the tiering system has been rebalanced. The impact of ranking points will also be lessened. There have been a few further modifications as well.

The fifteenth volume of Survivor Pass from New State Mobile is also included in the update. The Keeper from Project Dream Runner is in charge of it. If all of the story quests are completed, players can get their skin. The Dream Runner Keeper is an additional perk for upgrading to the premium pass with NC Coins.

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